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Werknemer - Junior Test Analyst (Kontich) 28-01-2020
M2Q is a company within the Cronos group that specializes in testing and ensuring the quality of software. M2Q specializes in all processes around obtaining, maintaining and improving software quality, for both custom and package software. Consultants use their expertise in the above fields on a short term or long term bases for the preparation of test cases and their implementation, coordinating the testing activities, automating the testing process, managing a test team, setting up a testing strategy in consultation with the person(s) test team and advising in the acquisition and / or use of tooling and Providing training and seminars tailored to the customer
Test Coördinator (Antwerpen) 28-01-2020
Test Automation Engineer 11-12-2018
Senior Test Analyst (Kontich) 21-06-2016
Werknemer - Test Manager (Kontich) 26-04-2012
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